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Get Pre Approved!

Below is a list of commonly needed loan documentation.

  • Most recent (2) years of personal tax returns, including all schedules (filed taxes)

  • Most recent (2) years of business tax returns, including all schedules (filed taxes) (only if applies)

  • W2’s for all applicants - 2 most recent years (filed taxes)

  • Complete one-month recent paycheck stubs for all applicants

  • Provide awards letter for social security income, disability, or VA. (agency or organization) (only if
    applies) Bank statements-most recent (2) months (all pages, even if blank) for all applicants & all bank accounts (add’l docs required for any large deposits on stmts=funds sourced)

  • Most recent retirement account(s) statements (401K, 401B, IRA, etc.)(all pages)

  • Copy of driver license & social security card-for all applicants

  • Appraisal Fee-
    *Must be collected prior to ordering appraisal - check or credit card

  • Homeowners insurance agent contact information

  • Copy of final divorce decree (all pages)(only if applies)

  • Copy of child support order, if not included in divorce decree (only if applies)

  • Bankruptcy papers, all pages, along with discharge filing (only if applies)

  • Name & number of landlord for verification of rental

  • Additional real estate owned: copy of mortgage statement, property tax bills, homeowners
    insurance policy, & HOA dues if required (used to confirm the total cost of property)(only if applies)

  •  Rental agreements are needed for proof of additional income (only if applies)

  • Copy of uniform residential sales contract

  • Copy of land survey (if the seller does not provide theirs)

  • Copy of earnest money check. Earnest money must be sourced with supporting documentation

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