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This is where ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer. You will be asked to sign many documents during this process so make sure you read everything carefully. 

  • Plan on walking through the home 24 hours before closing to make sure it is in good condition for you to move in. 

  • There are some standard costs that will need to be paid at closing, such as closing costs, down payment, attorney fees, title search, title insurance, and appraisal. Your Lender & Realtor will go over this in detail if you have any questions.

  • The closing agent will also provide payments for you and the seller. You will make the payments and sign for the mortgage.

  • Lastly, the title of the house will be given to you by the seller in the form of a deed or deed of trust. You are now a proud homeowner!

Be sure to bring your current ID/Driver License, certified funds for down payment & closing costs. 

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